Capturing the spirit of plums from a premium harvest year

Rich and smooth fruit flavour with delicate vanilla notes.
Unique taste of most exquisite plum spirit.

Šljivovica Premium Selection

When we are blessed with an extraordinary plentiful year, we take the finest quality
Bistrica plums and make our Premium Selection.

Šljivovica Premium Selection is aged in Slavonian oak barrels for a minimum of 24 months,
providing the distillate twice as much time to obtain the distinctive vanilla notes blending perfectly
with the fruity aroma of plums.

The unique aromatic profile of “blue” Šljivovica is created under the watchful eye of
master distiller Vesna Jurak, through selection and blending of distillates from different
barrels, resulting in superior product.

Bottle Design

Original at first glance

Designer Predrag Zagorac enhanced the
range of Badel Šljivovica with Premium
Selection design packaging.

Taste it!