Pure gold of
Croatian tradition

Whenever it’s time to celebrate life or seal a deal, Croatians toast with a shot of Badel Šljivovica. The warmth of the spirit reflects the generous hospitality of local people as well as the sun-kissed Croatian coastline.

Our Šljivovica is carefully crafted by distilling the finest native plum variety Bistrica, and aged for a minimum of 12 months in renowned Slavonian oak barrels to create the superior taste.

One or two secrets in fruit processing, preservation and ageing methods create a unique drink which achieved a cult status, comparable to the status of whisky in Scotland.

Perfectly served

Chilled 0 to 5 °C

Drink it straight from frozen long shot glasses.
Perfect for every occasion!

Aperitif and digestive

Family gatherings and important moments in life

Beginning and end of every party

Perfect for tasting, every time

This is how we say Cheers in Croatian